Sunday, February 21, 2010

Co-ops? Nope!

BlogCruiseButton This week’s Blog Cruise question is “What do you think of co-ops?”  My short answer is this: “Not much!”

Years ago, when Ashley was little and we were just starting with our homeschool journey, we participated in a local co-op.  I thought this was something that you just had to do if you were homeschooling.  But, I remember thinking that the classes weren’t really “important” subjects/topics and that the time spent there each week might have been  better spent at home.  Also, I just never really felt like we fit in.  (If you’re a local homeschooler and you’re reading this, no offense!)

Since that time, I’ve never wished for a co-op situation.  I have a friend who has a really high-class co-op that is a one-day-a-week, full-day affair.  Her children participate in class settings for required classes (such as science, history, and higher-level math) where they are taught by a qualified teacher who assigns their weekly tasks.  They also take part in sports and music classes.  If we had access to something like this locally then, by all means, we’d be in. 

Lately, we’ve been participating in some field trips and teen group activities in a neighboring county.  It’s good for the kids to be exposed to other homeschoolers and to make new friends; so this has been fun for us.  We also socialize at church (Sunday School and Youth Groups) and participate in music lessons, etc. 

I’d never discourage someone from participating in a co-op; we just haven’t found a co-op situation that meets our needs or that we can fit into our schedule.  If you’d like to read what other Crew members have to say about co-ops, click here.  Next week, we’ll be sharing how we keep grades; so be sure to check back!


Heidi... said...

I love that there are as many ways to homeschool as there are home school families! It took me a long time to realize there is no one right way...what works for one doesn't necessarily work for someone else. Which makes me laugh because we love our co op. ; )

Laura O said...

Our own experience has been good with co-ops. Of course, the first one was with just one other family the year we started homeschooling. We're in our third one now and the boys are really loving it. Joining that co-op has really helped the boys make connections and the subjects are not 'hard core' like the second co-op we did.

But, what's good for one family is not always good for another....

Jodi @ The Homeschool Desk said...

Wow, sounds like we do have the same view on this particular topic. Glad I'm not the only one, apparently I irritated someone on my fb fan page over MY opinion when asked what *I *thought of I guess I can't please everyone :(.

And by the way, I think yours was very well your posts always are. It comes natural for you! What a blessing to have, and I always enjoy your writing.

Heidi said...

I've had a similar experience with co-ops, with the first not being so great. Since then we've done lots of activities with other homeschoolers, but not in a co-op situation. The commitment required for a co-op doesn't suit our schedule well.

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