Monday, June 28, 2010

Destination Disney – 16 Wishes

This is such a fun topic!  No matter how many times I go to Disney, there are always more things that I want to do there.  And there’s always the basic “I hope we’re all healthy” type of wishes. 

Not long after I posted this week’s topic,  I was reading through the blogs on my Google Reader, and came upon this post over at the Orlando Attractions blog.  Because I’m always joking that I want to live with Mickey when I grow up, I’m going to make this my very first wish --- to live on Disney property.  But, I won’t count that one since it’s not specific to our next trip.

My 16 Wishes for a Great Disney Vacation:

  1. Event-free travel (no fighting in the car, etc.)
  2. Perfect weather (not too hot, but definitely not cold)
  3. Visiting each Disney park at least once on the trip
  4. Visiting some more of the Disney resorts – maybe even completing my tour of the World
  5. Having our family picture taken in every country in World Showcase at EPCOT – sans yellow rain ponchos!
  6. Spending some time at Downtown Disney and riding the balloon
  7. Visiting with friends – what better place to enjoy spending time with friends than Disney World?!
  8. Going on some of the rides that we never seem to get to do because the lines are too long – such as Splash Mountain
  9. Riding Tower of Terror, Rock ‘n Roller Coaster AND Toy Story Mania all in the morning (this seems nearly impossible to do!)
  10. Eating at least one Dole Whip during the trip (but maybe more!)
  11. Going to the Animation classes with Gracie a few times and learning to draw some new characters
  12. Meeting all the Disney-Pixar characters with Ian, without having to wait in long lines
  13. Going to a waterpark (something we’ve never done)
  14. If money were no option, getting Brian a ticket for the Richard Petty Driving Experience
  15. If we don’t get to go in 2011, having Ashley graduate at Disney or going in 2013 as a graduation present/celebration
  16. Having a true Disney  backstage tour – to learn the ins and outs of our favorite vacation destination

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