Monday, June 28, 2010

Miscellany Monday 6/28/10

As is typical on Mondays, I’ve got lots of thoughts rolling around!  Here goes my miscellany ---

{one} Nothing like waiting ‘til the very last minute to make laundry soap! I mentioned needing to make it in last week’s post; so why am I just now doing it?  Thank goodness for my stirring helpers – Gracie and Ian.  Two batches are done, and I guess I’ll put off most of my laundry ‘til tomorrow when it’s gelled up and ready to go!

{two} Ashley and I had a great weekend in TN, visiting with my boss and her family and sharing in some work-related meetings.  TOS has lots of great things on the horizon, so be sure to keep watch for them! 

{three} This week’s Destination Disney topic is up!  It’s an easy one and a fun one.  I can’t wait to read everyone’s answers.

{four} Ashley is with the youth group today at a local amusement park.  Thunderstorms are in the forecast, so I hope they don’t get too wet and that they have a great time.

{five} Last week I mentioned starting to do our lesson plans for next year.  I got quite a lot accomplished in Gracie’s planner, but haven’t even begun on Ashley’s.  (Truth be told, I’m not looking forward to hers – it’s going to be harder to do!)

{six} Speaking of Ashley, how is it that I have a daughter who is going to be a high school junior?!  Where has the time gone?

{seven} And, just in case that doesn’t make me feel old enough, we’re  babysitting my great-nephew today.  Yes, I said “GREAT” – as in, his mother is my niece!  I’m attributing this to the fact that Brian is the youngest of 8 children, and said great-nephew’s mom is a product of his oldest brother.  But still . . .

{eight} I love to hear Gracie playing the piano and/or violin.  I must take a video soon to share!

{nine}  Much work to do this week, so I’m thinking . . . hmm, I better quit blogging (but just for now!)


Berry Patch said... can use the laundry soap before it gels. ;-) Um, ask how I know... LOL

Love your miscellany list.

Rachel said...

Fabulous Miscellany!!

I can hardly wait to see your homeschool choices. My oldest will be a freshman this upcoming year and I'm a bit nervous, but reading your post calms me down.

What recipe do you use for laundry soap? And do you find that it cleans as well?

Have a wonderful Monday.

DORCAS said...

Looking forward to the homeschool info. I am stalled. This is going to be my second year. I am hoping to get lots of ideas. Thanks for sharing!



Teresa Dawn said...

What do you do to make laundry soap??? I always buy it, but it's ridiculously expensive now.

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