Thursday, July 1, 2010

Homeschool Village - Patriotism

The Homeschool Village is celebrating their ONE MONTH ANNIVERSARY with the launch of their BRAND NEW WEBSITE.  You can check it out by clicking on the button at left.

This week’s discussion topic is Patriotism – and they are asking us to share how we instill a love for country during our homeschool time. 

My answer may be a little different than some because, though we live here in the USA and we’re all US residents, my two youngest children are adopted from Vietnam.  So, we are also trying to instill in them a familiarity with their country of birth and an appreciation for it as well.

Now, back to the US --- I must confess that, having spent time in a foreign country, it really changes your opinion of the USA.  People in other countries think the US is so wonderful and the best place to live.  Having had to deal with our government in two adoption situations, I have to disagree.  Sure, the US would like us to think that we’re living in the land of the free – and I’m definitely thankful to our service men and women who so willingly give of their time (and in some cases) their lives to defend and protect our country.  But, the  government --- well, I just don’t have a lot of respect for the way that our company is being run nowadays.  And, I suspect that our founding fathers would agree with me on that.  But, that’s a post/topic for another day.

We’ve been studying through US history – using All American History from Bright Ideas Press.  Last year, we started with the explorers and this year our study will begin with the Civil War and continue right up through modern times.  I’m really excited for this study!  We live in PA and have so many great places to explore history – such as Gettysburg, the Civil War Museum in Harrisburg, Philadelphia and Valley Forge, and many others.  We’re also planning another fall trip to visit Colonial Williamsburg during their Homeschool Days.  To me, there’s nothing better than exploring (and experiencing) history in a hands-on way. 

I’m also introducing Gracie (6th grade) to US geography this year – which should also stir up some patriotic-type discussions.

Oh, and something fun that’s happening in our town this summer --- we’re celebrating the 200th anniversary of our town!  It’s been neat to see everyone displaying their patriotic banners and US flags on their homes.  We have 2 large flags that we hang outside our upstairs windows for the holidays (we must get them up this weekend!)  Our house is red brick with a blue door, so I refer to it as the “patriotic house” on our street!  Families are being encouraged to dress in period clothing, and the men are even having a beard-growing contest (which, I must confess, we have forbidden discouraged Brian from participating in).  There is a committee that has set up bus tours of area landmarks – we’re planning on taking one of these tours some Saturday this month. This is a TINY town and we’ve lived here for 20 years, yet I feel like I really don’t know much about it – so I’m anxious to learn more. 

So, we don’t necessarily have a plan in place for instilling a love of country/patriotic attitude in our daily homeschool endeavors, but we discuss things as they come up and we love hands-on, field trip opportunities. 

Oh, I also should have mentioned that Ashley will be studying the Constitution this coming school year, as part of her government study.  We’re planning to use a book we got from Homeschool Advantage called Understanding the Constitution – Ten Things Every Christian Should Know About the Supreme Law of the Land. I think the book will be a real eye-opener for us. 

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Debbie said...

That is cool that your town is having its 200th anniversary! By the way, you left a comment on my blog about Mt. Rushmore...yes, I have seen National Treasure...makes me think of home! :-)

Lindsay-ann said...

I enjoyed hearing about what you will be studying in history lessons. Your town's 200th anniversary sounds so interesting. I hope you will share pictures of your house with the flags.
I am sorry to hear you are not happy with your government. We are not happy with ours either. You are right about people thinking the US is a wonderful place to live. I thought that too but through reading blogs I am finding out that it is not always.
I have not forgotten the Disney Meme and will try to join in again. Work has been mad recently and we have 3 more weeks before we finsih for the summer :(
Have a lovely weekend.

Jessica S. said...

Understanding the Constitution – Ten Things Every Christian Should Know About the Supreme Law of the Land sounds very interesting!! Let us know how you like!! Yes, I agree with you when a U.S. citizen spends time outside the U.S.~your perspective of this beautiful country changing somewhat...sometimes good, sometimes bad. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!

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