Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday's Fave Five #103

FFF blue

Friday again, and time for my favorite meme! 

47209_1433087904415_1149437509_31054761_3441032_n 1. Great field trip yesterday!  We got to meet a fellow Crew mate, friend, and my new assistant, Jodi from the Homeschool Desk, yesterday!  Who says homeschoolers are unsocialized?  Our kids hit it off like they were long, lost friends! 

2. We picked up our homeschool portfolios from the school district office this week.  It’s always nice to know that’s over for another year.  And getting positive comments on them makes it even better!  I blogged about it here.

3. The opportunity to take part in a really fun giveaway here on my blog – and the possibility of winning family tickets (and a night in a hotel) to the Creation Museum (we were there not long after it opened and would LOVE to go back.  If you haven’t already, please enter! 

4. The planner in me has been enjoying making very specific daily plans for an upcoming trip to the Historic Triangle in Williamsburg in September.  Gotta love plans!

5. Having the knowledge that God is on the throne and He is always in charge – even when we are hurting or confused, or feel like we can’t take much more. I’m thinking of some specific friends who are dealing with some hard things this week.  So thankful we have Jesus in our lives – I cannot quite imagine what life must be like for those who do not. 


Carrie said...

Amen to #5!

Jerralea said...

I totally agree with #5 as well. How do people make it through the trials of life without Him?

Brenda said...

I don't know who says that homeschoolers are unsocialized because my experience is that they are better socially because they have broader experiences.

Sounds like a great week.

momma24 said...

I am so jealous of you guys for getting to meet up! That is great. :)

I also agree that #5 is right on. Very well said.

Susanne said...

Knowing God is in charge is definitely what gets me through the hard things. Knowing He loves me more than I can imagine and has a plan is very comforting.

I love making plans when we go somewhere too. So fun.

Jodi said...

We had such a great time with you guys! Can't wait to get together again:) Love the picture. Hopefully I can get to blogging about our visit soon! It's not very easy to type with this darn wrist splint on, lol.

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