Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thinking about Christmas Cards?

Tell me about your Christmas cards - - -

Is your preference a traditional card or a photo card?

I used to always send traditional cards and include photos of the kids in only select cards.  Then, a few years ago, we switched to the photo cards instead.  I LOVE receiving them from others – because I love seeing updated pictures and comparing how the kids (and families) grow from one year to the next. 

Do you write a Christmas letter (either to go with your cards or in place of them)?

Honestly, I used to think Christmas letters were dorky, and just another means of bragging about the kids.  But, we have so many long-distance friends that we do not see at all, or very rarely, and it has become almost a necessity to write an update letter each year.  I’ve started to enjoy receiving them (except for the occasional brag-fest); so I can only hope that those who receive mine appreciate them.  Last year, I wrote a poem instead of a letter.  Some year, I think we’ll do a crossword or word search puzzle.  Or maybe we’ll try a story card.

Do you get your cards mailed out early (we’re talking Thanksgiving here, people!) or late (New Years, anyone?!)?

Me, I’m somewhere in the middle.  Ideally, I’d like to get them out the first week of December.  Most years, that works. 

Are you creative with your cards or . . . the alternative?  (no offense!)

I try to be creative.  Hence last year’s poem.  Oh, and I thought our cards turned out pretty darn cool last year, if I do say so myself.  I used a large picture of my kids, and 3 smaller pictures – one of Ashley’s fingers on the guitar, one of Gracie’s fingers on the violin, and one of Ian’s little hand pushing a matchbox car.  I got lots of compliments on it.  Thing is, I have NO IDEA how to top it this year!  LOL 

Oh, and did I mention that Brian is pretty adamant about the card saying "Merry Christmas” (or at least something that suggests that we are Christians and not “politically correct”)?  I’m considering going with this card this year.  If you’re on my Christmas card list, please don’t look, ok?!

Tell me about YOUR CARDS . . .


Tristan said...

Christmas Cards is one area that I just don't usually have it together. I don't usually send any. However, if I were sending cards out, I would send these ones:

Be sure to click on the photo to see it really well - I love those paintings!

Kelly said...

Love your choice of card - very cute!
We do picture cards mainly because that's how I grew up. My mother made sure that every year we got our picture done and then either took it to Sam's or WalMart to get them turned into beautiful Christmas Cards. I'm very similar, but this year I came across Christmas Cards that you insert the photo into at Michaels on deep discount. So now all I have to do is get the picture done.
I don't do Christmas letters ... yet, but I think that might be something I end up doing in the future.
I try to plan to do them right after Thanksgiving, but some years it has been New Year's before I get them out. Thankfully I already have the process half done this year.
I also like something "Christian" on the card as opposed to other greetings that are nondescript.
I have been creative with cards by making them myself (with Stamping). I also try to coordinate our outfits and make sure they don't clash with the card. :)

SayRah said...

lol I love your Christmas card post!
Let's see, We've always done a traditional card with a picture inside..but we may do differently this year.
I'd love to do an 'update' letter, atleast to my loved ones that are oh so far away.
And i'm like you, I try and mail my cards out beginning of december :)

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