Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tagged --- Again?!

Last week, I participated in a fun little meme that’s going around the  blogosphere.  I shared my answers and asked new questions of the 8 people that I chose to tag.  One of them tagged me back!  So, I’m going to answer Amy’s questions here (I’m not going to tag anyone else though!) - - -

1) Do you have a favorite recipe or meal from when you were a child? My mom used to put a chicken and rice dish in the oven to bake while we were at church.  I remember coming home to such a yummy smelling house – and it always tasted so good!  I just reminded her of that dish the other day – because she never makes it anymore. 

2) On that same thread, are there any meals you HATED growing up? I don’t recall hating any entire meals, but I was not a fan of veggies at all.  I remember a few times my mom made me sit at the table ‘til I ate them, and it got pretty late and the veggies were cold!  LOL 

3) I'm on a food kick, but question #1 made me think of this- what is your favorite Christmas cookie or treat? I’m not a huge cookie eater because I find that, when we do make them, they either don’t get eaten, or I eat them all.  I have a recipe for Pumpkin Chip Cookies that is TO DIE FOR!

4) What is your favorite bit of child rearing/homeschooling wisdom? Every child is different and, because of that, will most likely require either different curriculum or, at least, a different approach to schooling.  So far, I’ve found this to be true with my girls, and am looking forward to changing things up even more to suit Ian.

5) What song did you and your spouse dance to at your wedding? We didn’t actually dance, but we had the lyrics to “Love of a Lifetime” by Firehouse on the back of our wedding bulletins. 

I’m semi-ashamed to admit that I went through a “hair band” fascination in the early 90’s – but, it is what it is.  If you’re interested, you can hear the song by viewing the below video (which I honestly don’t recall ever seeing until now!) - - -

6) If you could live anywhere (in the USA), where would you live and why? I don’t mind PA in the spring, summer, and fall – though, at this point in my life, I’d prefer to live a little closer to the city (probably Harrisburg) for some culture and homeschool opportunities for my kids.  Where we live now is lacking in culture, to be sure!  However, come the winter months, I’d much prefer to live in Florida – near the home of my good friend Mickey Mouse, preferably.

7) What is your favorite book SERIES? I love the Mitford Books. (This is actually Amy’s answer – but it reminded me that I, too, love this series, and need to read through it again).  Actually, I have many series that I have read and enjoyed – it’s hard to pin it down to just one.

8) What's your favorite book genre, and a surprise favorite from it? Christian fiction.  I used to think historical was my favorite sub-genre; but lately I’ve been enjoying the modern stories better.  I guess I go in spells.  Surprise?  Not sure.  I do have a scale that I measure Amish fiction against (Beverly Lewis) and nobody else really measures up.  I was surprised to find that Suzanne Woods Fisher’s books are pretty good though.

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Kristenph said...

You don't like cookies! Oh my. That is our biggest downfall :)

And I totally agree on Amish fiction. Nobody writes it like Beverly Lewis. I've read some ok books but I think I've read every single Beverly Lewis book. (There may be something new I haven't read yet.)

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