Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Did you buy your PET a Christmas gift?

new camera testing 029 If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you probably know that we have 2 Pugs.  If you’d have asked me 2 years ago if we’d ever get a dog, I would have said – very emphatically – NO WAY!  But, sometimes life throws you little surprises!  Over a year ago, the opportunity presented itself for us to get a purebred Pug for only $50.  A year later, I had a temporary lapse in sanity, and thought Sallie needed a sister – so Lizzie joined our family. 

These girls are just too sweet!  They add a certain dynamic to our family that wasn’t there before (sometimes it’s stress, but that’s beside the point).  In any case, we love them – so, of course, we want to get them Christmas presents (I’ve got some ready and tucked away for them!)

We had the opportunity to review some new dog toys from Hartz - - -

47126-hi-nose_divers Hartz® Tuff Stuff™ Nose Divers™ are durable toys with a heavy-duty nylon shell and durable twisted rope that are perfect for tug-of-war games. Recommended Retail Price: $5.99

hartz-dura-play Hartz® Dura Play® Ball: With long-lasting, washable foam-filled latex material, these dog toys are ideal for toss and retrieve games. In addition, its texture is perfect for dogs that love to chew.

Sallie and Lizzie see the UPS man and Fed-Ex man all the time.  I’m sure they must wonder about all the boxes that enter our house.  Needless to say, they were both quite pleased to see me open a box that contained something for THEM!  Their little curled up tails started wagging with delight when I dropped the new dog toys on the floor for them.

The girls love anything that squeaks so they were pleased to hear that both of these toys had a squeaker.  However, the toys we received were a little big for their little Pug selves (both our girls are small, by Pug standards). Sallie will occasionally attempt to carry the ball around, but it’s HUGE for her.  They will both play with the stuffed duck on occasion – often both laying on the floor, chewing on opposite ends of the toy.  Because it is big and they are small, there’s plenty of duck to go around!

Should I confess that the girls and I are rather obsessed with the ball?  If it were not for the fact that the dogs have already had it in their mouth, I might even be tempted to try a chew on it!  I love sitting and squeaking it – it’s just got a really fun sound.  Ian actually tucked it under my recliner last night so that when I attempted to get up, it squeaked repeatedly!  Smart boy!  I may decide to be generous and give that ball to my parents’ dogs who are slightly larger and would be more able to handle it. 

I’d most definitely recommend both of these toys – they’d make great gifts for the furry friends in your life!  Be sure to check out the Hartz website – you’ll find a $1 coupon here!

NOTE: This is a Mama Buzz review. The product was provided by Hartz for this review.


Melissa said...

We always have gotten stuff for our kitties over the years...they have their own stocking with a paw print on it! So we usually get them a thing of treats, and a few toys. This year they are getting some little balls and 2 new "Kitty Can't Cope" sacks (which have catnitp in them) and their new favorite thing to play with - a pair of shoe laces - believe it or not!

Kelly said...

We always get a gift for our dogs. We currently have one collie (a Lassie look-a-like) and a collie mix who looks like a full tri-color collie. I love your Pugs. Haven't seen many black ones before. I used to work in a pet store selling full-bred dogs and other animals. Pugs always got to be in the front window because of their excitement toward the people looking in.

~ Denise ~ said...

I LOVE your doggies!!! Sallie and Lizzie are just tooooo cute for words! *Squeals* Look at those faces...too precious! :)

Heidi said...

We usually get our dogs huge flavored bones for Christmas. However, it is more about keeping them occupied while we open *our* gifts more than anything else!

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