Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holiday Bliss 2010 – December 7th

1105136_christmas_balls The other day on FB, I saw someone mention listening to some old Amy Grant Christmas music.  The song “Heirlooms” was mentioned.  Of course, I was already thinking about Christmas, but it got me to thinking about heirlooms too.  Before I share an heirloom that is precious to me, I thought I’d share the song that inspired these thoughts - - -

During my growing up years, I was very close to my paternal grandparents.  They lived in the same town as we did; and in later years, lived right down the street from us (which is probably why I love having my parents right down the street from us now – so my kids can enjoy that closeness that I once had with my own grandparents).  My Nanny passed away in 1985, just a few short months after my brothers joined our family. 

I remember a particular Christmas ball that was very special to my Nanny.  She would always have it hanging up high, in a place of honor in their home.  I believe the story goes that she received it at a Christmas party that was hosted by one of my Pap’s employers.  It probably was not anything of great value, but the fact that my Nanny treasured it so, made it seem like rare gold to me.

new camera testing 047 Now, I have that Christmas ball in my own home.  It hangs in a place of prominence (in the doorway arch between my living room and kitchen – it can be seen immediately upon entering my home).

If you look close enough, you might notice that it’s on a pull cord.  Once upon a time, it played “Silent Night”.  Nowadays, it doesn’t sound quite as nice as it once did, so I don’t pull the cord anymore. 

I’ve been known to “forget” to pack this ball away with the Christmas decorations each year.  So, you might come to visit sometime – even in the summer months – and find this ball still hanging up.  It’s a precious heirloom that I hope one of my children will appreciate one day.

Tell me about your heirlooms --- what is precious to you?  I’d love to hear your stories.


Vickie said...

I don't have any heirlooms as precious as this ornament, that get put on display once a year. But I do have some very old books from my maternal grandparents. An old midwifery book from the mid 1800's (1848 I think). I have grandma's jewelry box too. Not jewelry I'd wear but that doesn't mean it won't be back in style some day LOL We were 2000 miles away from them most of my life....I lost grandma about 10 days before I turned 8 and Papaw when my child #3 was a year old. Hang on to those memories. Some of us just don't have them.

Jodi said...

What a beautiful Christmas ball! We used to have an angel with a pull cord that played "Silent Night" when I was a little girl! It was my favorite Christmas decoration, and I love that song! My favorite heirlooms are the things of my mother's that I have, her jewelry, her fine china, but something really special is her diamond engagement ring. I hope to pass it on to one of my daughters someday.

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