Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Minute to Win It Wii game

From the manufacturer:

Minute to Win It is now available for the Nintendo Wii TM and DS at retailers nationwide. Based on NBC's newest family-friendly hit game show sensation, players can compete in a series of deceptively difficult 60-second challenges for a shot to win the grand prize of $1,000,000. Minute to Win it is licensed through NBC Universal Television Consumer Products Group.

mtwi_game_guy_fieri Led by All-American chef and TV personality Guy Fieri, Minute to Win It features fast, immersive gameplay for all to enjoy. Featuring both Solo and Multiplayer modes, with 36 adrenaline filled challenges randomly selected to create each 10-round battle, there is never a dull moment. As players progress, they will be met with new twists that heat up the competition, as both money and difficulty also increase.

mtwi_game_compete "With only 60 seconds on the clock and $1,000,000 on the line, Minute to Win It challenges players in a whole new way," says Mark Seremet, CEO of Zoo Games, Inc. "By offering addictive action, Minute to Win It will provide endless hours of fun and entertainment for the whole family to enjoy together."

mtwi_character_create Full character customization is included to immerse players in the gameplay experience. To intensify the pressure, the Wii version of Minute to Win It is compatible with the Wii Balance Board, allowing up to four players to battle at once.

mtwi_game_guy_fieri_stage "We're very excited about Minute to Win It having a permanent place in America's living rooms," said Craig Plestis, Executive Producer of Minute to Win It.  "There is a great accessibility to our games that has touched everyone from young to old.  Now not only can they watch episodes on air but they can also play the game whenever Minute to Win It fever strikes."

Minute to Win It is rated E for everyone. It is available at retailers nationwide for the Nintendo WiiTM for a MSRP of $29.99 and the Nintendo DS for a MSRP of $29.99.

What we thought - - -

Heidi Says . . . I thought this game was quite challenging.  Somehow I think I’d  be  better at it “in real life”.  I have trouble getting my brain, my hands, and the Wii remote to all work together as a team sometimes.  I think it’s probably old age, as my kids never seem to have that problem.  Anyway, some of the challenges are easier than others, thankfully!

Ashley’s 2 cents . . . I think this game is too hard. I think it would be easier to do the tasks in real life.  Unless someone really loves a challenge, I probably wouldn’t recommend this game.  It’s more a game for older teens and adults – not really for kids.

Gracie’s thoughts . . . This game is HARD!  It’s fun, though. I like the challenges, but some of them don’t make sense to me. I think the game might be easier to play on the Nintendo DS.

NOTE: We received a complimentary copy of this game to play in our home in exchange for sharing our honest review.  The thoughts herein are a result of our personal experiences and may vary from your own.


Anonymous said...

It would be really great if there were some INSTRUCTIONS on how to play each game. The little picture on the bottom right of the screen doesn't help at all. It just shows the nunchuck going up-and-down, but when you try to do that it doesn't work. This game really does blow!

Jello said...

i cant do the caddy stack one

Anonymous2 said...

This game was fun up until the Hanky Panky Game because the instructions and the game don't really work together at all. You're supposed to just hold down B and pull up towards you and after 20 tries you most likely don't get any of them... in 60 seconds you're lucky to get one. I'm definitely contacting the manufacturer because I just wasted my money on a present that we can't even play together. On top of that the same song plays over and over again and the graphics aren't very good at all. 

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