Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Family Movie Night ~ Truth Be Told

Several months ago, I had opportunity to share with you about a made-for-tv movie by Family Movie Night.  Now, they are getting ready for their FIFTH Family Movie Night!  This Saturday, April 16th, Truth Be Told will premiere on FOX at 8pm (EST). 

Here’s a bit about this movie:

Screen shot 2011-03-30 at 4 47 54 PM Starring Candace Cameron Bure, David James Elliott and Ronny Cox, Truth Be Told plays upon the old adage, that “honesty is the best policy,” and according to Colorado’s leading marriage counselor, Annie Morgan (Candace Cameron Bure, "Full House" and "Make It Or Break It"), honesty is the key to successful long-term relationships. Ironically, Annie has never been married and doesn’t always follow her own advice. Truth Be Told will take viewers on an entertaining yet touching journey as Annie begins to realize that the truth may have its consequences, but ultimately it’s what opens our hearts and brings out the best in each other.

You can learn more about Truth Be Told here:

Maybe you’ve seen the movie advertised and are counting down the days ‘til you can sit down and watch it with your family.  Or maybe you’re like my family and don’t have cable tv, so you have no idea what may be coming!  If you’re in that second group, here’s the trailer for Truth Be Told:

Looks good, doesn’t it?  It is!  Ashley and I had the opportunity to watch a sneak peek of this movie this morning and we LOVED it.  This is exactly the type of good, wholesome family entertainment that was lacking back when we had cable service (and that lack was the reason we chose to cut it).  It’s the type of movie that your whole family can sit down and watch together and each one will enjoy it and receive a message from it.  The main message here is the importance of telling the truth; but there are many other underlying themes involved in this storyline as well.

I would highly recommend Truth Be Told.  And, if you are like me and don’t have tv in your home, take heart!  This movie will be available for purchase at Wal-mart in the next month or so.  In the meantime, head to Wal-mart and stock up on previous movies by Family Movie Night - “Secrets of the Mountain, “The Jensen Project,” “AWalk in My Shoes,” and “Change of Plans.”


The Not So Perfect Housewife said...

This looks good. Looking forward to watching this though I'll be out of the house, so I'll have to DVR it.

Hey - was wondering if you would like to be a guest blogger on my blog. I'm setting up some guest posts and would love to have you on there. You could do something about Disney or it could be a Q & A type thing.. let me know if you are interested :-)

The Unsell Family said...

We really enjoyed this movie too!

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