Saturday, April 9, 2011

Me & Disney

mickey-mouse-10 Here are my answers to the questionnaire which is this week’s Destination Disney theme:

First Theme Park Memory: I was 17 when my family made our first trip to Walt Disney World.  I remember being in awe when we first stepped inside the Magic Kingdom.  The crazy planner in me, though, remembers spending hours upon HOURS poring over a Birnbaum’s Guide to Walt Disney World and making TONS of notes on 3x5 cards – which I then carried in my purse and led my family around as though I were some professional tour guide.  LOL  Some things never change!  (I shared some pictures of that first trip here.)

First Memorable Disney Trip: Our first trip, mentioned above, was definitely memorable.  So much so that we decided to go back again 2 years later.  On that trip, I was older and had my own car (and my own money) – so I took my best friend along, we rented our own hotel room, and did our own thing!  That was fun.  Gee, as a parent now, I don’t know that I’d be so flexible with my own kids.  LOL

First Disney Resort Memory: Here’s a confession – as Disney-obsessed as I am, we have NEVER stayed in a Disney resort!  However, during our trip in January of 2009, Brian’s boss and his wife were also at Disney – camping at Fort Wilderness.  They invited us over for a cook-out.  So, we got a taste of Fort Wilderness – and we LOVED it! 

Then, last year, we had a much more “leisurely” trip and we spent some time “resort-hopping”.  We had dinner with Cinderella & Friends at the Grand Floridian, then enjoyed walking (or meandering may be a better word) on the beach and visiting the Polynesian Resort.  We also spent some time at Pop Century, as we had a friend staying there at the time.  Another day, we took the boat from Hollywood Studios over to the Swan & Dolphin, and walked to the Boardwalk and Beach Club Resorts. 

We had so much fun visiting the resorts last year that we plan to do some more resort-hopping this coming May.  AND, we even made reservations to spend the first 3 days of our trip at a Disney Resort --- Port Orleans Riverside.  We’re excited --- but, I must say, I’m thinking I won’t even want to leave the resort to go to the parks. :)

Last Disney Trip: Last May, we went to Florida on “business” – to work in the booth for The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine at the FPEA (homeschool) convention.  However, we left home a week early so that we’d have time to feed our Disney passion with some days in the parks.  We only spent 3 days total in the parks, but we did the above-mentioned resort hopping and spent some time at Downtown Disney as well.  Considering we went on “business”, it was very much a “leisure/pleasure” trip because there was none of the rushing around/must-do-this and must-do-that.

Next Disney Trip: We are scheduled for another “business” trip just like the one mentioned above this May. :)  We’re hoping to have another relaxing experience. 

Then, we’re hoping/planning a more VACATION oriented, REAL Disney trip next spring sometime.  We’ve got a 20th anniversary to celebrate, along with an 18th birthday and a graduation!

Into the Parks (Favorites)
Tomorrowland: Carousel of Progress
It’s A Small World (yes, I confess!)
Liberty Square:
Hall of Presidents
Splash Mountain
Adventureland: Swiss Family Treehouse & Dole Whips!

Future World Attraction: Soarin’
Future World Restaurant: We’ve eaten at the Electric Umbrella and at Sunshine Seasons – both counter-service places and pretty average.  We have reservations for a character meal at the Garden  Grill in May.

World Showcase: I love ALL of World Showcase! 
Favorite Snack:
Egg rolls in China (though we have a wish list of snacks we want to try this year!)
Favorite Drink:
I was thinking I had never had any specialty drinks in World Showcase, but I have picked up a specialty coffee at a booth in front of American Adventure – and it was quite yummy
Favorite Meal: The Princess BREAKFAST at Akershus in Norway – YUMMY!  (though I’ve heard that the dinner is not nearly as yummy – more Scandinavian in nature – I’ve not tried it, though, so can’t speak for myself)

Favorite Animal Kingdom Attraction: Kilimanjaro Safaris

Favorite Hollywood Studios Attraction: How to chose  between Toy Story Mania and Tower of Terror?! 

Favorite Non-Park Restaurant: Rainforest Cafe and/or T-Rex Cafe in Downtown Disney (we also like shopping at Rainforest Cafe – they almost always have good deals on clothes!)

Top 5 Disney Animated Movies (non-Pixar):
Beauty & the Beast
The Little Mermaid
The Fox & the Hound


Julie said...

Yeah! Another person who loves the Carousel of Progress! Our whole family does. One time we were the only people in the place, it was a priceless moment. We should totally plan a trip together, my son wants to go on Tower of Terror so bad but the rest of us are chicken lol.

Doreen said...

My family LOVES Disney! We went to Magic Kingdom in January. We only live 2 hours away do it's a yearly thing. We also can't wait until the FPEA Convention this year at the Gaylord. Woohoo!
I'm strolling through on the Blog Walk and loved your blog, as always! God Bless,

Tricia from Return to Disney said...

It's great that you were able to combine business and fun! (Of course, that's one of the great benefits of homeschooling, all those parts of life are integrated into one)

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