Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gracie’s 7th grade year . . .

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OK, how is it possible that my baby girl is in 7th grade already?!  Granted, we did start her in Kindergarten almost immediately after her 4th birthday (she’s my intellectual child and she wanted to learn to read TODAY!)  But still . . . the time passes much too quickly.

There are some areas where I feel she’s not quite ready for full-blown 7th grade work (as you’ll see in the schedule below – i.e. science); but otherwise, we’re plowing along and it looks like she’s got quite a busy schedule this year:

Bible ~ Wise Up: Wisdom in Proverbs from Positive Action for Christ  (we had received the 4th grade curriculum to review last year, so this will be a bit different)

Math ~ Basic Mathematics from Abeka  (Gracie’s my math lover and has always excelled in math; therefore, she loves the busy-work of Abeka math.  We stick with what works.)

Language Arts ~

Science ~ Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy & Physiology from Apologia – we also bought the Notebooking Journal to go along with this.  I wasn’t 100% convinced that we were ready to move onto General Science this year; so we chose this since Ashley is doing Anatomy this year as well. 

History ~ The Mystery of History, volume 1 (round 2) from Bright Ideas Press

Geography ~ we’ll use Wonder Maps from Bright Ideas Press with our history study.  We also have Visualize World Geography from Tender Heart Press coming to review.

Foreign Language ~ Vietnamese (Level 1) from Rosetta Stone

Art, Music, Etc. ~ Gracie will continue with both piano and violin lessons (once/week) and will be adding orchestra rehearsals in as well (approximately twice/month).  We also plan to work through A Young Scholar’s Guide to Composers from Bright Ideas Press.


Joy said...

I absolutely L.O.V.E Growing with Grammar!! :) One child did it and that child's test scores went up, one child didn't do it and the test scores went down... and that was my stronger child in English/Grammar. I like your idea of blogging about what each child will be doing. That is a great idea as I am always getting questions about what we use!! :)

Becky said...

Sounds perfect for Gracie! I love the idea of her also doing Anatomy along with Ashley! Have you sued the Apologia books before, and their notebooking? We love it!

tikvah73 said...

My little girl is starting 7th grade too. Yikes!

Breezy Point Mom said...

She is such a happy looking girl. I can't believe how much in common she has with our Chips.

Very Blessed Mamma said...

We are doing a lot of the same things this year!

We are also doing the SWI level B, Phonetic Zoo, Narnia books, Apologia's Human Anatomy and Physiology, and we just finished MOH 1.

How cool! lol


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