Thursday, June 2, 2011

Unofficial Walt Disney World Earbook 2010 by Kevin Yee

Have you ever wished that Disney would produce annual yearbooks?  I have!  I’m a Disney fanatic and having a book to add to my collection each year would be tons of fun.  Sure, I can buy an updated Birnbaum’s Guide each year, but somehow it’s not the same.  It doesn’t tell me what has changed since my last visit – only lists what is current.

I received a nifty little book from author Kevin Yee to review.  It’s called the Unofficial Walt Disney World Earbook 2010.  Within the pages of this little book are lists of all the things that are new, have become obsolete, and/or have experienced changes over the past year.  It’s full of full-color pictures as well.  Here’s a bit about this book:

earbook From the closing of Star Tours and "Honey, I Shrunk the Audience" to the debut of several new experiences, 2010 held a lot of change for Walt Disney World. Additions included Summer Nightastic, Captain EO, Main Street Electrical Parade, Duffy the Disney Bear, Via Napoli, Best Friends Pet Care, D-Street, and Pollo Campero, among others. This book captures all the new attractions in pictures, and offers brief retrospectives for the closures. Many special events are also captured here--all through the eyes of one frequent visitor. A time line of events throughout the year puts the changes into perspective, and offers a glimpse into the ever-shifting kaleidoscope that is Walt Disney World. To aid in this book's value as a reference work in the years to come, a listing of some key prices from 2010 is included, and an index makes finding each entry a snap.

The Earbook is divided into chapters, with one for each of the four parks, one for “wider” Walt Disney World (ESPN, pet care, etc.), and one for Downtown Disney.  Then, there are chapters for Fond Farewells and Events.  There’s also a price list for the year, a timeline of events, and some Odds & Ends. 

If you’re someone who likes to visit the parks on a yearly (or more often) basis, then you probably wouldn’t need this little book, unless you just enjoy collecting Disney goodies.  If you attend yearly, but miss a year, this book might be a good way to fill in the  gaps.  We attended in May of 2010 and again this May; and I enjoyed looking through this book and considering what had changed in the past year.

While this book definitely isn’t the “buy all to end all” Disney resource, it is a fun addition to your Disney book collection.  It’s light on words and heavy on pictures.  The “Disney Yearbook of my dreams” would be larger and hardbound and have bigger pictures – but for a first-time attempt, I can’t complain.  Kevin has done his research, that’s for sure.

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NOTE: I received a free copy of this book from the author, in order to read it and write this review.

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