Saturday, July 23, 2011

D is for DISNEY!

4 This week’s Destination Disney topic is the Letter D.  You can see everyone else’s posts (and find out how to play along) here. 

Now, here are my contributions for this week . . .

Florida 2011 080

Gracie’s personal favorite “D” this year - DUFFY

Florida 2011 095

Florida 2011 137

Everybody’s favorite DUCKS ~ DONALD & DAISY

Florida 2011 106

Here’s a yummy kids’ DESSERT at Garden Grill

Florida 2011 487

One of our favorite attractions at Hollywood Studios ~
Walt DISNEY – One Man’s DREAM

Florida 2011 1157

Florida 2011 888

Florida 2011 891


Mouse Fan Diane said...

Really great pictures. I love the dessert. Yummy

Savannah said...

Great "D" pics! I enjoyed them!

Bird said...

Excellent photos! I loved getting the special character photos on our Photo Pass CD!

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