Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Family Movie Night ~ “Who Is Simon Miller?”

WISM_dvd Last night, Ashley and I had the opportunity to view an exclusive online screening of “Who is Simon Miller?” – the latest addition to the Family Movie Night series, presented by Wal-mart and P&G.

Robyn-154x200 This time, though, rather than just previewing the movie itself, we got to chat – live on screen – with Robyn Lively (one of the main characters in the movie).  You might recognize Robyn from some of her other work – such as Karate Kid III, Letters to God, Twin Peaks, and the Psych episode based on Twin Peaks (“Dual Spires”).  It was so neat to be able to visit with Robyn while the film was playing and learn a bit more about her and about the movie. 

We learned that, off-screen, Robyn is a mom to 3 – 2 boys and 1  girl.  The movie was filmed in Montreal in April and May of this year.  She had a great time working on the film!  It was fun to get little “hints” about what to watch for and expect during the movie viewing.

Here’s a bit more about “Who is Simon Miller?”:

Like most families, the Millers have their challenges. Simon’s (Loren Dean) frequent business trips have created some distance between him and the rest of the family, leaving Meredith (Robyn Lively) stretched and struggling to keep things together. Daughter Sarah, an 18-year-old honor student, has recently gotten herself into trouble at school while son Kevin, 15, struggles to engage with anything outside of a video game…

But these issues all prove to be trivial when Simon goes missing. Sensing something is not right, the family frantically searches Simon’s office for information. Discovery of a stash of passports, all with Simon’s picture but each with a different alias, reveals that their father has been keeping more than a few secrets. In a frantic phone call, Simon urges the family not to tell anyone of his disappearance, not even the authorities, right before the line goes dead. Who is Simon Miller? And what exactly has he gotten himself – and now his family – into?

Shocked, scared and unsure if they can even trust the dad they thought they knew, the three embark on their own international mission to get him back. With Meredith’s sharp instincts, Sarah’s foreign language skills and Kevin’s natural techgenius, they try to unravel the mystery behind his disappearance. It’s a heartpounding family thriller that tests the limits to which families will fight for each other.

Ashley and I really enjoyed the movie.  While we’re never able to actually watch the Family Movie Night movies (because we don’t have cable service), we enjoy pre-screening them and sharing them with YOU!  The Family Movie Night movies are usually available on dvd at Wal-mart not long after you see them on TV.  We recently purchased “Change of Plans” and totally enjoyed it.  “Who is Simon Miller?” is another great FMN offering that is sure to hold the attention of your entire family.  I appreciate that these movies are clean, yet exciting. 

You can watch “Who is Simon Miller?” on Saturday, August 6th, at 8pm (EST) on NBC.  I’d highly recommend it!  In the meantime, you can view the trailer here.


Debbie said...

This really sounds like a good movie. I must remember to watch it. Thank you for the review.

mysteryhistorymom said...

I think that is so exciting that you were able to chat with Robyn! I remember when she was on the show "Savannah" years ago and I loved her! This movie really sounds good! I will be watching for it! I love that it is exciting and still family friendly. Thanks for sharing, Heidi! Lori

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