Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Furniture Help!

IMG_0030 OK, so I have this really nice and comfy tan and cream tiny-checked couch.  You can see the edge of it in this picture ===>

I bought it used, but it’s very good quality (from a pricey local store).  Thing is, though, it’s awfully stained up and just doesn’t look nice.

I had found a couch cover in the sale section at Wal-mart several months ago.  It was blue and matched surprisingly well with our other furniture.  You can see it on this picture:

Christmas 2010 137


Aside from the fact that I had to readjust it (to fit) practically daily (and it never totally covered the back – because this is a rather puffy couch), the thing was like a total dog hair magnet! 

I couldn’t take it any longer.  I’m so sick of dog hair I could scream!  (Anyone with a fawn pug have any advice on how to cut down on the shedding?!)  We took the cover off today. 

But now – what do I do?  I either need to find some really good furniture cleaner to remove the stains OR I need to find another couch cover in a material that’s not so magnet-like.  I had tried the tie-on covers and that lasted all of about one day before I packed it up and returned it (plus I hated the stiff material).  I’d love to go the route of having it reupholstered, but I’m afraid that will cost more than I paid for the couch in the first place ($200). 

So, do you have any advise for me?  Please say you do!


Christina said...

We have brown couches, and have had good luck with Resolve Cleaner (found at Walmart) for removing ink, juice, marker, and other stains oh-so-common with children in a house! Good luck!

Jennifer said...

I vote for a new couch. Ikea has inexpensive ones and the covers are washable. After all the money you are spending on covers, may be best to just get a new one?

Michele Moore said...

Spot Shot is the BEST cleaner we have found for our carpet and furniture. If it is on the cushions rather than the arms and things I have also found taking them off and washing them on delicate and hanging them to dry is great too. Be sure to zip them closed before you put them in the washer though.

For the fawn pug, (I have one of those too!) and there are deshedding brushes that help. is the kind we use and while it doesn't stop it entirely it does cut down quite a bit. Pug fur is just so hard! Somehow it weaves its way into fabrics and cushions and makes just vacuuming very little help!

Good luck!!

Sam said...

We went through the same exact thing. We ended up buying leather. No more stains...that would not be a $200 or less fix though. :(

Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads said...

That's exactly why we have leather furniture. lol!

Prior to that, we actually used car upholstery cleaner. I figured if it could get stains out of the car seats and what not, then it would work on our couches. It did!

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