Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Talk to me about . . . camping

When I was a kid, my family camped – a LOT.  My mom was a nurse, so she worked every other weekend.  We spent her off weekends at one campground or another.  When I was really young, we camped with family.  Later on, I remember us being part of a camping club that we camped with sometimes.  Mostly we had a tent (pop-up) camper.  I remember, as I got older, camping kinda lost its appeal.

Now, however, as an adult raising 3 kids, I’m starting to miss camping.  The other week, when we participating in the Disconnect to Reconnect Challenge, I got to thinking about camping and how simplistic it is.  My kids are all “into” their electronics – iPods, Nintendo DS, the computer, tv (even though we don’t have cable and depend on Netflix for our programming) – things are just so high-tech these days; and I’m starting to feel like my kids need a little bit of simplicity in their lives.  Me too, actually. 

So, lately, I’m picturing myself at a campground on the weekends.  Leaving the computer at home and actually relaxing and enjoying nature.  Riding bikes and walking.  Cooking on an open fire.  (The one thing that doesn’t appeal to me so much is the walk to the  bathroom. LOL) 

My parents still have lots of camping supplies, so that wouldn’t be an issue.  I’ve been watching Craiglist for a used camper.  HOWEVER, I’m hearing that prices at campgrounds are pretty high these days.

So, I’m wanting your feedback here.  Do you camp?  What kind of camper do you have (in other words, how “rough” are you camping?!)  [May it be noted here that we do not have a truck – only a van and a very small car – so we couldn’t pull much more than a pop-up camper.]  Do you have any camping suggestions or recommendations?  Talk to me!  Tell me the good, the bad, and the ugly, please! 


Canadianladybug said...

Ah Ah! Remember when we first met in the cabins we rented...?

Camping is a bonus for our family. We started we a tent and went to a tent trailer and now we have a travel trailer.

Highly recommend it...

Check out my posts at the Woodall's blog... http://blog.woodalls.com/author/isabelle/ There might be some things you would like to read there. There is another Woodall's blogger who is RVing with her family of 13. Here's her website - http://www.ticknortribe.blogspot.com/

Christa said...

We love to camp! We started out tent camping - no electricity at all! We now use Rog's parents pull behind (33 foot camper) when we go on our annual camping trip with my sister and friends. We do still try to go at least once a year out to an island. We load the gear up on the boat and head out for a two/three night trip. I enjoy being out on the island (minus the lack of bathroom part) - usually we have no service, and of course, there is never electricity.

Sam said...

I don't camp. I don't like dirt or bugs. I wish I liked it!

Kristenph said...

I know what you mean. The simplicity and relaxing is why we've been wanting to try family camping for years. We found that the national and state parks are very affordable. (We paid $20/night at the Smokies.) But they're also the ones with the least "stuff". I actually thought the lack of electricity was nice because I didn't have to listen to other people's TV's. And we're going to camp more. We just bought a bigger tent yesterday!

Lisa said...

We love to camp! My family loves everything about it even though no computers/ipods are allowed! We usually camp in State Parks (we live in AR) where camp sites/cabins are very inexpensive. This year we stayed in a cabin since we sold out motor home when we outgrew it with baby #6 and are looking to buy a camper next year.

Traci said...

We just sold our trailer after having it two years. Our problem is where we live. It is HOT here and most of the summer is under a burn ban so no campfires. We still tent camp with scouts.
I would rent a trailer or camper and see how it goes before investing. Check out craigslist for used.
I do love the diconnect while camping. You can't beat nature for some fun, and relaxation.
One of these decades if we ever live somewhere that has National parks near us we will heartily camp again.I dream of retiring in a class A and visiting the entire US

Dawn Chandler said...

We just went out with a camper this past weekend for the very first time. We have overnight tent camped a few times but it was just one night. We borrowed the camper and had to take what we could get as far as campsites and campgrounds for that matter - do not go out for the first time on a holiday weekend!! We knew not to but we really needed to get a away. That being said, it was a wonderful experience (except for the partying college students in the campsite next to us.) One thing that was super awesome about the whole thing was that we were so far out neither one of us had a cell signal. We don't own a TV or game system so we couldn't have taken those but I have heard of many family who mandate a no electronics rule. I can't imagine going out to camp with a Wii or DISH Network. LOL But there were many folks out there who did.

PS Blog post coming soon!! :)

Julie Coney said...

We love to Camp! Our last trip was to the Oregon coast in October. Weather dictated some sort of sturdier structure, and so we camped in a Yurt that trip. Kept us nice and dry.

Usually we are just tent campers, with some blow up matresses to ease the aching bones. The kids love it. beg to go. They get silly around the campfire as we cook, they invent games as they scurry through the forest.... the nights are filled with card games and lots of laughter.

My problem with camping is resisting the desire to take the entire house with me. Over the years I have learned to buy as we go for food, and to make do with just a Skillet, big pot, and a kettle for water. We used to take 6 plastic tubs, and I am down to 2 now :)

Here is a link for pricing on State Park Camp sites in your area. Maybe you could find one that is close.


My Homeschool Crew Reviews said...

Love camping! Teacher Toolbox was camping themed a couple of months ago. Great resources to make camping even more fun and educational.

Karen said...

We usually go camping in a tent. I have to be near the bathroom and have electricity and water at the site. Our family loves it.Where we live it is really hot in the summer so we go camping in the spring and fall.
We have stayed at different state park cabins and have really enjoyed "roughing it". Some state parks even have hotels that you can rent a room at. We have done that a few times and liked it also.

MomLaur83 said...

I have camped since just after meeting my husband - his family has camped for close to 40 years! :D We camp in a tent - us in 1 tent with the toddler, 2 boys (6 and 4) in their own tent. I sort of wish we had a trailer, but for 1-2 weeks a year it isn't really worth it! Just get a few good cots or mattresses, a HUGE tent to sleep in (in case it rains, you'll be glad you have the extra space!) and a good-size kitchen tent and some tarps, you'll be all set! Oh, and pray for good weather :D

Peace Love & Poop said...

Camping is a blast! I can't wait to start camping traditions with my family!

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Tricia said...

We are big campers. We started in a pop up, but sold it fairly quickly and purchased a small travel trailer.

For me, the beauty of the travel trailer is that it has a potty (NO midnight bathroom runs!) Our old pop up did not, but some of the newer ones do.

Also, the kitchen. on of my children has a fatal dairy allergy so eating out is extremely difficult. Before we started camping we simply did not vacation. We could not eat anywhere but home and it was so expensive to have to rent a hotel with a kitchenette. Also, getting to where we wanted to go usually required some sort of eating out.

Now we throw all the food in the RV and when it's lunch time we pull over and eat! It's great. We have made some wonderful family memories.

We also go with family so it's a great family time where all the cousins get to spend time together. I feel like because of camping my kids will really know their cousins. That's worth a few bugs and dirt to me! :)

Brag All About It said...

i looove camping...i prefer not to rough it too much, but do love sleeping out in a tent!

stopping by from the tuesday hopt!
Would love a follow back and say hello!

Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads said...

We do everything from camping in a tent to camping in our very comfy 5th wheel trailer. Camping can be free to very expensive. It all depends on where you stay.

Right now, we do a good bit of dry camping in our 5th wheel trailer which means that we have the comforts of home (like a bathroom and bed), but we're able to camp for little to nothing - basically just the cost of running the generator.

State parks are a great way to camp inexpensively.

We've even camped at Disney for only $35 a night. We were able to enjoy many of the features of staying at a resort, but at a much more affordable rate. Plus, they had the campfire jamboree with Chip and Dale. ;)

Our pets travel with us, so it's always an adventure. :)

Marie said...

I know nothing about camping. But I'll tell you what I did know? Your secret Edna word!! :) Didn't even have to look for it cause I already knew it. I did look for it though...just to be sure you didn't pull a fast one on us and pick something like Warner Bros, lol

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