Friday, August 19, 2011

Garage Sale Treasures -Week 17

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Last evening, at Ian’s soccer scrimmage, I ran into a friend who tipped me off to a yard sale where I might be able to get some clothes for Gracie.  Gracie’s my hard-to-buy for child because she’s tall and (very) thin!  I totally forgot about the sale until after lunch – but we still decided to go check it out and see if there was anything left.  We started at the first table, that had mostly Juniors 00 size jeans on it (Aero brand).  Gracie has 2 pairs of jeans in that size (we had to buy the “ultra skinny”) but my mom had to put elastic at the sides because they were too big around the waist.  Ashley did find a nice pair of tan dress pants on that table though, and we also grabbed a pair of pajama pants, a pair of shorts, and 3 polo shirts.

Then, we moved on to the girls’ table and found some 14 slims (with draw-up waists – she needs those!) and another pair of shorts that we couldn’t pass up. We got all this for $21 (right before a big storm kicked up, so we headed straight home – no more sales today):

summer 2011 282
2 pairs of shorts – 00 Aero and 12slim Limited Too
(as you can see, the pair on the right is brand new)

summer 2011 283
3 polo shirts (short-sleeved) – XS – 2 from Aero, 1 from American Eagle
(the shirt on the let is brand new)

summer 2011 284
1 pair of dress pants – 00 Hollister &
1 pair of pajama pants – Abercrombie

summer 2011 285
3 pairs of 14slim jeans – Mudd, Levis (brand new), and Old Navy

I think we made out pretty well for only hitting up one sale today.  Gracie should have plenty of jeans for winter (especially adding these to the 2 pairs she already had from spring, and another pair I picked up at a yard sale earlier this year).

Did you find any treasures this week?  If so, be sure to share.  (You can click on the button at the top of this post to see more Garage Sale Treasures.)


Jennifer said...

Wow! my best garage sale find was a quilt for $3 over the summer. We don't see yard sales very often around here.
Thanks for joining our hop and for all you do with the crew.

Our Village is a Little Different said...

Wow! That's a great day! I need to have a sale - the boys have grown - again!

I'm stopping by from the crew hop. Of course, I already follow you - but I wanted to say hi, and thank you to my amazing leader.


Mrs. Taffy said...

Yay for clothes! That's my favorite thing to find at a garage sale! I've never heard of size 00, she must be pretty skinny! :o)

Thanks for linking up Heidi!

Our Country Road said...

What great finds!! I love finding NEW clothes at yard sales :). The pj pants are super cute!

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