Saturday, August 20, 2011

H is for Heidi (and Happy!)

8 This week, our Destination Disney topic is “things that start with H”.  Since Heidi starts with H, and since going to Walt Disney World makes me Happy, I figured I’d start out with a few pictures of me. . .

Heidi with Pooh and Tigger 
Florida 2011 088
Florida 2011 851
Hollywood Tower of Terror
Florida 2011 877
Florida 2011 1162
 Florida 2011 045 Florida 2011 051Florida 2011 050
Florida 2011 063 Florida 2011 219
Florida 2011 206 
Hidden Mickeys
Florida 2011 292 Florida 2011 294
Hazy (I knew these pictures would come in handy eventually)
Florida 2011 718
Hunny (he sure is!)
Florida 2011 774
the Haunted Mansion
Florida 2011 776 
Florida 2011 788 
Harper’s Mill

Do you have any H themed pictures to share with us?  We’d LOVE to see them – it would make us HAPPY!  Do share – then come back here and link up on the Destination Disney post.


Melissa said...

Hazy could also be HUMID! :D Which is most likely won't be on your next visit!

Disney on Wheels said...

Great photos! Loved the hazy ones, great idea. Your kids are too cute. :)

Debs said...

Haha Love your "H" pics! Very Clever!! Hadn't even thought of all the Hazy, Hot and Humid pics!

Thanks for hosting the hop:)
Deb @ Focused on the Magic

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