Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Guidecraft’s Hideaway Country Kitchen


Every August, my hubby and my dad head to Iowa for a week of dirt-track racing.  It just so happens that, during the very week he was away, I received Guidecraft’s Hideaway Country Kitchen for review.  Now, being the modern, stubborn, and impatient woman that I am, I decided that I could easily put together this kitchen set on my own. Ha!  Was I in for a surprise!

Let’s just say it’s a very good thing that I didn’t have a camera handy and my kids didn’t decide to sneak any pictures of me putting this thing together.  I’ve shared in other “some assembly required” product reviews that I am not a fan of the picture directions.  I much prefer some words to be included in my directions.  The directions for the Hideaway Country Kitchen were pictures only (which I call “men’s directions”); and I do. not. like. them.

For me, the worst parts of the assembly were attaching the front to the back, and putting on the knobs.  It was so frustrating that I ended up putting all the pieces aside and re-examining the situation the next day.  Eventually, though, I did get it together.

And it’s adorable!

The cuteness factor and the durability factor pretty much make up for the stress during assembly.  Once I got it together, stood back, and looked at it, I felt pretty good about myself and about the product in general.  I liken it to childbirth – once you have that baby in your arms, the pain all goes away, right?

I so wish I would have had this gorgeous kitchen set when Ashley was a little girl.  She had a Fisher Price kitchen set; and, while nice, the plastic versions just don’t compare to this lovely wooden kitchen.  My Gracie was not a role-playing child; so I don’t know that she would have really appreciated it.  Ian (5) was very excited when I was putting the kitchen together (needless to say he was very disappointed when I took a break from the assembly process).  He thinks the kitchen is quite neat; but he uses it more as a “hardware” center than a kitchen set.  I guess that’s ok – it’s sparking some imagination in him, which I love seeing! 

While the kitchen set is referred to as “hideaway”, I don’t think this should be a deciding factor for whether or not to purchase it.  I would have assumed it was easy to fold when not in use and slide under a bed; but, not so much.  Folding it up requires the removal of a large bolt in the front of the kitchen; so it’s definitely not something you want to fold up each night at bedtime and store ‘til the next day.  It’s more of a folding option for storing away when your child outgrows the kitchen. 

This kitchen is available from Guidecraft  for $200. While expensive, I think it would certainly make a great gift for that special little girl in your life (you just might want to defer to your hubby – or another man in your life – for assembly).

You can visit the Homeschool Crew blog to see what others had to say about the Hideaway Country Kitchen, along with lots of other great products!

NOTE: I received the kitchen set mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. I only recommend products or services that I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.


Milk and Honey Mommy said...


My children are enjoying playing with the kitchen too. You are brave. I would have made the kids wait (which I did) before putting the kitchen together. My husband does a better job at that.

I only read directions when I cook. All other times (sewing too), I like following the pictures and only go back and read if I make a mistake.

MommyKuehner said...

We had so many "helpers" while trying to put this together, we had to "fix" it several times. It is a pricey item, but the quality makes it worth it. It is so much better than the plastic kitchens!!!

Kristenph said...

My review is scheduled to post tomorrow morning. You've got to take a look at it. My son made a video of the assembly process and my daughter talking about her kitchen afterwards. It turned out really cute :)

Sweetpeas said...

Good to know about the fold-up aspect, because yeah, being able to fold it down when not in use was the big selling point for me!

Jennifer said...

This does look cute. My girls had a little plastic fridge (with plastic food) under our kitchen counter.

Very Blessed Mamma said...

This looks so cute though! Love it!

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