Thursday, October 13, 2011

Always Icecream

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That should seriously be my motto – because, let’s face it, I LOVE ICE CREAM!  But, I must confess . . . when the information came through that the Crew would be assigned to review a new website for girls ages 7-12 called Always Icecream, my first thought was “oh great” (note: sarcastic tone).  I’m just not a huge fan of online learning websites for kids.  Maybe it’s because, thanks to my job with the Crew, I see an overabundance of them; and a person can only take so much of a good thing. 

In any case, my expectations for Always Icecream were not real high.  I figured that, when I presented the website to Gracie and told her we were to review it, that she’d groan.  But, boy, was I in for a  big surprise!

Gracie loves Always Icecream!

In fact, I think that she’s probably their biggest fan!  She would be on that website all day long if I’d allow it.  Too bad I’m a mean mom, right?  Anyway, the cool thing about Always Icecream is that, not only is it super fun for girls, but it’s also educational as well.  Since starting to use Always Icecream, she’s learned to identify ALL THE COUNTRIES in the world!  She’s been practicing lots of math facts (she loves math, so this is fun, not work!), parts of the body (which comes in handy since we’re doing Anatomy this year), and lots of Bible and history facts. 

Always Icecream is something like Facebook for girls.  They can interact with other “friends” in a secure, controlled, and safe environment.  I know this probably sounds trite, but Gracie has actually become more confident since using Always Icecream; and my former timid child is showing signs of leadership.

But, rather  than me bragging up Always Icecream, I’m going to turn the rest of this review over to Gracie, since she knows MUCH more about the site than I do . . .

I like A.I. because they have tons of games. Well, that’s ONE of the reasons anyway. They have geography games for every country, like Asia, Africa, and so on. They are also putting up 50 new games this school year. Maybe if I just do the 50 games, I can get out of doing school……

They also let you have friends, pets, and let you send mail to each other. There is also a game that lets you create art and furniture to sell in your shop so other girls can buy it for their houses. There is a person named “Aki”, that is automatically your friend. You can tell her ideas for A.I., any problems on the website, and more. There is also something called “Top 50 $coophunters” where you can get an item for your profile. To earn $coops, (which is money on A.I.,) you have to play A LOT of educational games. So if you learn a lot, they will reward you.

So, there you have it, straight  from the 11-year-old who is a proclaimed Always Icecream addict!  If you’d like to introduce Always Icecream to your child, go here. You and your daughter can try it out FOR FREE!  Then, if you decide you like it and would like to continue, various subscription rates are offered.

NOTE: We received a lifetime membership at Always Icecream, in order to use it and write an honest review. This review is part of the Homeschool Crew review program.  I was not obligated to write this review.  I only share products that I feel have merit for my readers.


Jennifer said...

We should hook Gracie and Kenzie up, Kenzie loves Always Icecream too. Do you let her meet friends? I allowed Kenzie too (I ck it often). Anyway, that would be cool for them to be online friends.

Christi Gifford said...

Ok you know what I just realized? I know this totally off topic. But you have a 17-year-old daughter, and I have a 17-year-old son. You have an 11-year-old daughter, and I have an 11-year-old son. You have a 5-year-old son, and I have an almost 5-year-old daughter! Shouldn't we be working out the arrangements now? LOL

Love ya, girlie!

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