Thursday, December 15, 2011

42 . . .

Gracie and I absolutely adore the Animation Studio at Hollywood Studios.  So much so, that we could seriously just keep going back through the line over and over again all day.  Brian and Ashley are not big fans of it, as neither of them really enjoy drawing.  I’m no artist; but I feel like I am in there!  Gracie loves drawing, so it’s right up her alley.  She actually has a lot of the learn-to-draw Disney books, and she always enjoys learning from the animators.  So, while we do the class(es), Brian and Ashley usually take Ian to meet some characters.

Florida '09 118
Here’s Gracie with her Jiminy Cricket drawing, in 2009

Florida 2010 322 Florida 2010 321 Both of our Tigger drawings from 2010


Steve said...

Absolutely love the Animation studio! You guys have drawn some pretty nice Tiggers there.

Julie said...

These are great! Gracie, you are quite the artist!

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