Thursday, February 9, 2012

Costumes Fit for Pirates!

Several weeks ago, I was offered the opportunity to review a Snow White costume from  At first, I was going to decline, but then I thought of our upcoming trip to Walt Disney World, and all the little girls you see waltzing around the parks in their princess attire.  I’ve never even considered having my kids dress up in the parks, and I knew there was no way I could get Gracie in a Snow White costume – she’s just not the flowery, princess type.

child_elizabeth_swann_costu But, then it struck me --- my kids are quite taken with Pirates!  child_jack_sparrow_costumeI inquired about the possibility of reviewing some pirate costumes instead, and was thrilled to receive both the Kids’ Elizabeth Swann Pirate Costume and the Kids’ Jack Sparrow CostumeGracie and Ian were both excited and couldn’t wait to wear their costumes to Walt Disney World!

Disney January 2012 021 Upon arrival, I realized that these costumes are the exact ones that you could buy at Wal-mart, Target, or wherever you generally shop for Halloween costumes.  When I pulled them out of the package, they were pretty wrinkled.  I wanted them to look nice for a day at Disney, so I ironed them. As I was doing so, I thought “gee, I bet the real pirates didn’t iron their clothes!” so, in hindsight, maybe I should have left them wrinkled.  I don’t know!

 Disney January 2012 050The Elizabeth Swann costume comes with the peasant-style top with attached vest and shoulder sash, brown cropped pants, pirate hat, and boot tops.  Because my Gracie is so skinny, the  boot tops wouldn’t stay up on her legs.  We figured that, in the Florida heat, she probably wouldn’t want them anyway, so it wasn’t a big deal.  However, we realized, upon arrival in Florida, that I had forgotten to pack the hat.  In all honesty, I wasn’t very impressed with the hat that came with the costume anyway – it was very misshapen and was difficult to work with to get it to look just right.  So, on our first day at the Magic Kingdom, we made a quick stop in the store beside Pirates of the Caribbean to pick up a hat for Gracie.

 Disney January 2012 024 The Jack Sparrow costume includes the vest with shirt front and sleeves, bandana w/attached beaded braids, and brown cropped pants. The hat and boot tops sold separately.  Ian was not entirely thrilled with the bandana and braids (he said they made his face itchy!), so we bought him a hat too.  Some of the time he wore it along with the bandana, other times we removed the bandana and he just wore the hat.  We had ordered Ian the child’s size small costume (for ages 4-6).  The pants that came with it were way too large around the waist, so we had to take them in a good bit so that they would stay up on him; and he’s not particularly thin (very average, I’d say).

The kids had a blast walking around the Walt Disney World Resort in these  costumes.  We had several people comment on the “adorable pirates”, which made them smile!  Again, this was our first experience dressing up at Disney – but we had so much fun that I’d definitely consider doing it again. 

Here are some more pictures of my pirates:

 Disney January 2012 027 Disney January 2012 031 Disney January 2012 042 Disney January 2012 047 Disney January 2012 052 Disney January 2012 071Disney January 2012 053

All in all, I’d say we had a great experience with  They package arrived very quickly and we all had fun with the costumes.  Even though we aren’t big Halloween people around here, I know they’ll want to pull them out again later this year and do some trick-or-treating in them. 

In addition to the two costumes mentioned above, offers a full line of Pirate costumes for the entire familyBe sure to check them out – you may want to order a few for your next Disney vacation!

NOTE: I received the costumes mentioned above at no charge, in exchange for my posting about them on my blog.  All opinions expressed herein are entirely my own. 


Justwedeminute said...

Wow those are some pretty scary looking pirates! LOL, they are adorable!!!

Lori said...

Love it! The pictures are great and I'm always looking for any excuse to dress up!

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