Sunday, March 11, 2012

Grow! Bible

As a parent and a former Sunday School teacher, I’m pretty particular about how I present the Bible to children – both my own and others.  Much like regular educational materials, many Sunday School curriculums have become rather dumbed-down.  Children don’t need snack and crafts nearly as much as they need to hear the real Word of God. 

Because of that, I’m also rather picky about the Bibles that I present to my kids.  There are so many versions available these days and it’s hard to know which ones are quality and which ones are a simplistic way of presenting Scripture.  Neither my kids nor I want those versions. 

This month, I received a new children’s Bible from Crossway – the ESV Grow! Bible.  This Bible is an English Standard Version Bible (one of my favorite translations!)  Here’s what Crossway has to say about this Bible:

9781433528743The ESV Grow! Bible is designed specifically to reach children ages 8–12 for the time between when they use a children’s Bible and a more advanced Bible. Coupling the full ESV text with many helpful features, this is a Bible that young students can call their own.

The ESV Grow! Bible comes with all-new features to help children learn and understand God’s Word. Nearly every other page features a “W Question”, boxes answering the who, what, where, when, or why of a text—basic questions a child might have while reading. Introductions to each Bible book, charts, and maps help young readers understand the themes, characters, and context of Scripture. 45 “Cross Connections” explain how certain Bible passages point to Christ and 90 “4U” sections explain and apply texts to the child’s life. In addition, articles about Jesus and the teachings of the Christian faith help children understand important theological concepts.

Children will find the ESV Grow! Bible full of interesting features and parents will appreciate that their kids can explore the full Bible text themselves. A perfect Bible to transition from the Seek and Find Bible to the Student Study Bible, the ESV Grow! Bible connects young readers with the beauty and majesty of God’s Word. 

I’m really pleased with this Bible and plan to present it to my 11-year-old daughter, who is always searching for “more information”.  I think she’ll find this Bible to be just what she needs at this point in her life.

This Bible is available in hardback (with book jacket).  The pages are set up in a typical 2-column style.  Some important additional features are introductions to each book, maps, and illustrations.

I would recommend this Bible for any 8-12 year old child.  You can find it – and many other Bibles and books – at

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