Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Massage those aches & pains away with Wahl

Did you give your kids (or your hubby) your Mother’s Day Wish List yet?  If not (or if it’s not too late to add to it), might I make a suggestion?  Add a Wahl massager to your list! 

017Wahl makes several different types and styles of massagers. I recently received the Deluxe Heat Therapy Massager to try out.  Here are some of the reasons why I am really enjoying this massager:

  • It’s compact. I’ve had other massage products in the past, but with not a lot of extra space for storing things in our house, they usually don’t last long because I get sick of seeing a box sitting around somewhere with no real “place to belong”.  This massager comes with a handy-dandy storage case that really doesn’t take up much space at all and will easily fit under the bathroom sink or in the linen closet.
  • The massager itself is streamlined and easy to hold onto. While it would certainly be nice to have someone else do the massaging, it’s quite possible to even massage your own back with this thing!  I love that!
  • It comes with 9 interchangeable heads.  Read it – NINE!  So far, my two favorite attachments are the heat attachment and the triad attachment.  But, there are also attachments for facial, muscle-kneading, scalp, knuckle & joint, deep muscle, spot, and general body.  With so many different attachments, this massager is very versatile.

As much as a hate to admit it (and try to deny it), I AM getting older and I DO have aches and pains. Massage is a very effective way of helping to relieve those pains and even ward off some new ones.  Massage also increases blood flow, which effectively reduces pain tension, relieves muscle tension and soothes inflammation. In addition to providing effective pain relief, massage can also greatly improve circulation, regulate blood pressure, reduce anxiety, and provide an immense feeling of relaxation, all of which contribute greatly to physical and emotional well-being.

I know what it’s like to be a busy, multi-tasking homeschool mom.  I want the benefits of massage that I listed above.  Don’t you?  If you’re like me, you don’t have a lot of extra money or time.  Having a massager like this one handy at your fingertips is a lifesaver!  So add one to your Mother’s Day Wish List, or buy one for your own mom (and hope she’s nice enough to share!)

Better Yet – Maybe you could win a massager from Wahl!

  • Wahl realizes that moms work hard all day, every day, and to thank them, they are giving 50 massagers to 50 deserving moms this Mother’s Day.
  • Through its first-ever Mom Relief Initiative, Wahl is providing the tools to help moms achieve the kind of sought-after relief that causes spas to book out Mother’s Day weekend months in advance, and why the spa is among the top gifts for mom every year.
  • From now through May 13, those who like Wahl Home on Facebook can nominate a mom to win a mom relief package from Wahl, whether it’s your mom, grandmother, wife, daughter, a friend or yourself.
  • To enter the Mom Relief Initiative, simply post a comment explaining why the mom on your list deserves relief—maybe they’re a single mom who does it all, a working mom who never takes a break, a grandmother who’s always been there…every mom has a story and every story matters.
  • Entries will be judged on their uniqueness and sincerity and the winners will be selected once the contest wraps up on May 13. Stories MUST be submitted before then in order to be considered.

NOTE: This was a MamaBuzz review.  I received free product from Wahl in exchange for posting about it on my blog. I do not post about products that I have not used and enjoyed.

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