Saturday, November 3, 2012

Christmas Music Already? (Giveaway)

I love music.  I love Christmas.  So, it makes perfect sense that I really love the combination of the two – Christmas Music! Each year, we try to add at least one new Christmas cd to our collection.  And, each year, I think how the Christmas music season just doesn’t last long enough! So, I’ve been known to dig out my collection early and start listening. 

Lately, we’ve been listening to some new Christmas cd’s in the  van.  I’d like to tell you about them (then, offer a giveaway, so that you can enjoy them as well!)

Jeremy CampGRAMMY-nominated and BEC Recordings’ artist Jeremy Camp has released a Christmas project this holiday season titled Christmas: God With Us. This is Camp’s first full-length Christmas project in his 10-year career. The album is produced by Brown Bannister and Ben Shive along with Camp. Camp’s Christmas album is filled with holiday classics as well as the original title track “God With Us.” Fans will hear favorites such as “Jingle Bell Rock,” “Joy To The World,” and “Mary Did You Know.” Although these are traditional songs, Jeremy takes a fresh approach to the arrangements on his album.

Heidi Says . . . I am really enjoying this album!  Jeremy has a rich-sounding voice and gives these traditional songs a bit of a country-flair.  I don’t think there are any songs on the album that I don’t like.  I’m especially fond of “God With Us” – a song that Jeremy and his producers wrote together.  I think it’s hard to write a Christmas song that rivals the greats of old; but this one is excellent.  Its easy to pick up on and sing along with.  I’m sure this album will be a family favorite.

HillsongThis Christmas, our friends from down under, Hillsong, bring us an album full of inspiring and festive songs soon to become Christmas classics. The seasons may be flipped with December falling in the middle of summer for Australia and there may not be snow, sleigh rides or “chestnuts roasting by an open fire”, but there is a common love for a baby born in a manger over 2,000 years ago. God incarnate. God amongst us. The greatest reason to sing this year and every year – sun or snow.  The first Christmas album from Hillsong in over 7 years features last year’s popular radio single “Born Is The King”, new arrangements to classic Christmas hymns as well as brand new songs to help keep our minds and hearts focused on the true reason for the season.

Heidi Says . . . Of the 3 albums that I received, I expected this one to be my least favorite, but I honestly don’t have a least favorite – I like them all for very different reasons.  I really enjoy listening to the voices of Hillsong on this album.  “Born Is The King” is a particular favorite, and I know I’ll like it even more when I’ve committed it to memory and can sing along.  I haven’t had this album as long, but I know we’ll all enjoy listening to it throughout the holiday season!

Josh WilsonRising singer/songwriter Josh Wilson releases his first full length Christmas album, “Noel”, this October as a follow up to last year’s hugely successful Christmas tour (Noel: A Unique Christmas Experience) and the #1 Christmas single of 2011, “Jesus is Alive”. Known for being one of the top songwriters and multi-instrumentalists in the industry, Wilson has been hailed as “the future of Christian pop” by media and his albums are regularly named to Year-End Top Ten Album lists. He has released numerous No. 1 hits including “Savior Please” and the powerful track “Before the Morning,” which landed the No. 4 spot on Billboard’s Year-End Christian Songs chart.

Heidi Says . . . I’ve been a fan of Josh Wilson since I heard “Before the Morning” several years ago.  The message behind that song really met me where I was at the time.  Immediately upon popping Noel into the cd player, you can tell that it’s classic Josh Wilson.  He has a very distinct sound, which I love!  His voice is so friendly and makes me feel like I’d like him just as much in person!  The 2 instrumental works on this album are great.  There are also 2 duets – one with Mandisa that is a lot of fun! 

Now for the giveaway . . .

I have one of each of the above albums to give away.  And because I’m in the Christmas spirit, we’re going to make this as simple as possible . . .

All you have to do is leave me ONE COMMENT.  In the comment, tell me about your favorite Christmas song or cd and why it is your favorite

Then, also tell me which cd listed above that you would most like to win.  Listing your 2nd and 3rd choice will make your chance of winning a little bit better!

Next Saturday, November 10th, I will randomly select THREE winners, who will each receive one of these great cd’s to enjoy! GOOD LUCK!


NOTE: I received the cd’s mentioned above for free, in the hopes that I would share about them on my blog.  I only share things that I personally use and think would be a good fit for my readers.


Elyse Rinehart said...

I love Christmas (it is my favorite holiday) and I love Christmas music! Growing up my parents would listen to Manheim Steamroller Christmas albulms throughout the season, so I have continued that tradition with my family. The Manheim Steamroller albums have become my favorite Christmas music because it is perfect to put on in the background while cleaning, wrapping presents, baking, etc.

In order of preference, I would love to win:
1. Noel by Josh Wilson
2. Christmas, God With Us by Jeremy Camp
3. We Have a Savior by Hillsong

Kimberly Williams said...

I have always loved the song "What Child is This". I think it has an absolutely beautiful melody. Our church choir has done an arrangement in past years that is breathtakingly beautiful.

I would love to win
1. We Have a Savior by Hillsong
2. Christmas, God With Us by Jeremy Camp
3. Noel by Josh Wilson

Thanks for this great giveaway.

Heather @Marine Corps Nomads said...

I love Christmas music, so it's really hard to pick one album/song. I'd probably have to say O Holy Night is one of my favorites because it reminds me of my mom.

In order of preference, I would love to win:
1. Christmas, God With Us by Jeremy Camp
2. Noel by Josh Wilson
3. We Have a Savior by Hillsong

Thanks for the opportunity!

Glogirl said...

If this is open to Canada, please enter me.
My favourite Christmas song is "Go Tell It on the Mountain". I love its message about the true reason for the season.
My CD choices would be:
1. Josh Wilson
2. Jeremy Camp
3. Hillsong

Heather McBride said...

Amy Grant's Home for Christmas is my all-time favorite Christmas album. I just love, love, love the music.

I would like Christmas, God with Us by Jeremy Camp. Either of the other two could be substituted if necessary.

Catherine OurVillageIs said...

I love o holy night - it gives me chills. I think any if these CDs would be great to add to my collection of Christmas music. I'm not picky.

Debbie Taylor Ingold said...

My favorite Christmas song is White Christmas by Bing Crosby.

I would love to win
1. We Have a Savior by Hillsong
2. Christmas, God With Us by Jeremy Camp
3. Noel by Josh Wilson

Ginny said...

I have been collecting Christmas music since I was a teen, but I have 2 favorite Christmas albums: Trans-Siberian Orchestra's The Lost Christmas Eve and Mannheim Steamroller's A Fresh Aire Christmas. I love instrumentals. I think I would enjoy the Josh Wilson Noel CD, then Jeremy Camp,and then Hillsong. Thanks for sharing these artists with us.

Mickey said...

Heidi, one of my all time favorite Christmas albums is Celtic Woman Christmas! I love Christmas music as much as you do I bet! As for these three, I think the one I will like most is Christmas, God With Us by Jeremy Camp. Thanks, great giveaway!

Beth Green said...

My favorite Christmas song is Carol of the Bells- along with about 1000 more! I love Christmas music. I'd love the Jeremy Camp CD... Hillsong being #2 and Josh Wilson coming in at #3! :)

Suzanne Wray said...

My all-time favorite Christmas song is from Steven Curtis Chapman "Precious Promise" because it really tells the story of birth of Jesus from both sides (Mary & Joseph). Her wondering how this can be and him making the decision to marry her when the child wasn't his despite what the customs were back then. It's beautifully written and sang. I wish more people would sing it as a solo in church around Christmas time. I've only ever heard him sing it.

Suzanne Wray said...

I forgot to say I believe I would pick Jeremy Camp, however I'm sure they're all very good :)

Amy Barnhart said...

Not sure I could choose an absolute favorite - I always enjoy hearing Breath of Heaven and O Holy Night at Christmas time. I think we'd enjoy Josh Wilson or Jeremy Camp's album.

tlpgina said...

I would take any, we love Christmas music here but I won't play it till after Thanksgiving. Last couple years our most played has been Snow by Go Fish, the kids still love Christmas with a Capitol C. I've got lots of fav's hard to pick one, in the top would be Kenny Rogers, Amy Grant (first one) and Snow.


Karla S said...

My favorite Christmas song of all time is O Holy Night. My favorite Christmas CD of all time is Hanson Snowed in (Corny I know).

1st Choice - Josh Wilson

2nd Choice - Jeremy Camp

3rd Choice -Hillsong


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