Monday, August 2, 2010

Not Back to School Blog Hop: Curriculum Week

Not Back to School Blog Hop

I saw a few posts about the upcoming Not Back to School Blog Hop on friends’ and fellow Crew members’ blogs.  I wasn’t sure if I’d participate or not; but since this first week is Curriculum Week and I’ve already made the posts about what we plan to use for this year, I thought I’d join in. 

You can read what we’ve got planned for Ashley’s 11th grade year here

You can read what we’ve got planned for Gracie’s 6th grade year here

You can read what we’ve got planned for Ian’s preschool year here.  (I’ll come back and link this one later, once I’ve got the post up!)

A few notes to add:

  • We’ve got 3 days in already this year and will be doing day #4 today.  So far, we’ve been fairly pleased with the curriculum and resources that we’ve selected and I think we’ll have a great year.
  • I just was not able to wrap my mind around the Latin study that I was planning to do with Gracie, and she’s watching and listening as Ashley is learning Greek and I can tell that she’s envious.  We have Hey Andrew Teach Me Some Greek on the Crew schedule for this year.  I’m hoping that we’ll receive something that I can use with Gracie.
  • As we’re starting our All American History study with Volume 2, we’re doing Little Women as a read-aloud.  That’s one huge book and I feel like it’ll take us forever to get through it!
  • Gracie and I haven’t started her science study because I’m waiting for Apologia to release the Notebooking Journal to accompany the Land Animals book.  I hope it’s soon!

If you’d like to participate in the Not Back to School Blog Hop or read what others are using in their schools this year, click here (or on the button above).  Next week will be School Room Week (a topic that always makes me cringe!)



Julie said...

Hi Heidi, looks like a great plan for the girls (I've always thought Abeka math is a great program) and I'm looking forward to seeing what you are going to do for preschool. My 5yo has done preschool/kindergarten but I'm not sure he's ready to make the leap to 1st grade and I'm all wishy washy as to what to do with him this year. I have to remember to check out Destinatin Disney, I've missed joining in (although we haven't gone this year and we are all in Disney withdrawals lol.)

Sheri said...

Do I know you? You look familiar...somehow I think you are someone I know...hmms.

yes, I have read your great posts and I didn't know you knew Greek-how awesome is that? I can pick your brain now. LOL I am a bit envious that you have started and I am still lamenting about it...have fun Cap'n and I will be seeing ya around. :0)

You have some great ideas here that should bless a lot of folks!


carissa @ lowercase letters said...

wow - it sounds like you have a good/productive year ahead!

Jolanthe said...

Gracie would love the science we are doing! :) hee hee....I had hoped to start already too, but haven't even sat down to plan yet. This weekend {hopefully}!!!

The Latin was a big, fat flop with our kids too. Sigh.

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