Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Walkin’ the Crew Blogs 8/3/10

crewblogwalk2 This is the 4th week of Walkin’ the Crew blogs with me and Brenda!  This is such a fun way to introduce you to our First Mates on the Crew this year, and all of our new members.  I hope you’re enjoying following along each week.

Before I start this week’s introductions, I want to explain that I was tired of calling the 2 separate Crews UPPER/OLDER and/or LOWER/YOUNGER.  So, they will forever more be referred to as STARBOARD CREW and PORT CREW.  These are ship terms that refer to the right and left-hand sides of the ship. 

This week, from our Starboard Crew, I’d like to introduce you to First Mate Jennifer.  Jennifer blogs at Creative Learners.  She’s serving on the Crew for the 3rd year and has been a faithful and responsible member – one that we’re glad to have on our team!  In addition to working with the Crew, Jennifer also heads up her local homeschool group and works for Graphics Toolbox as the Homeschool Sales Specialist. 

Jennifer’s team is called Team Lighthouse and consists of the following members:TeamLighthouse4

From our Port Crew, this week’s feature is First Mate Wendy.  Wendy joined the Crew last year as a regular member, and has stayed on this year to serve as a First Mate.  Wendy shows great leadership skills and is always reading and willing to help when needed.  I was thrilled with the opportunity to meet Wendy in person this past May, as both of our families vacationed in Orlando, FL (before the FPEA convention).  Not only is Wendy a valued Crew member, but she’s also a great friend. 

Wendy’s mini-crew team is made up of the  following:

Again, I encourage you to click through to each of these blogs, leave the ladies a word of encouragement, and follow their blogs for great reviews – coming soon! 

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SisterTipster said...

Awesome walk AGAIN this week! Starboard Crew~whooohoo~

Rebecca (me!) said...

Yeah! The crew is walking again! Thanks, Heidi!

Jennifer said...

YEAH!!! Thanks Heidi!!! And thank you to Team Lighthouse!!!

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