Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bible in 90 Days – Spring Session

Bible-in-90-Days_2011a The Spring Session of the Bible in 90 Days reading program is about to  begin! 

I had so much fun reading through the Bible during the last session, that I’ve decided to participate again.  I really enjoyed using the Bible in 90 Days Bible – it was nice to read through the Bible without the distraction of study notes, etc.  However, this time through, I am planning to use the schedule, but read my English Standard Version – just for a little bit different perspective.  If I find I’m caught up in all the notes, though, I may switch back.  We’ll see. 

Since I did my weekly posts last time through, I’m not sure I’ll do that again.  I am honored to be serving as a mentor this year though.  If I can play a small part in helping others to read through their Bible, I’ll be thrilled!  So far, I have a team of 14 readers – 13 girls and 1 guy – 4 of which have read through their Bible in the past, 10 will be doing it for the first time.  I’m looking forward to getting to know them throughout the 90 Days!

It’s not too late for YOU to sign up to participate - just head over to this post at Mom’s Toolbox.


Debra said...

I'm seriously considering reading through my ESV Study Bible... Eeek! Not sure that is such a great idea, but wow, I just so need to seriously get into things right now, and last time through it took me so long with trying to coordinate it with the kids. I am SO THRILLED that I don't have to mess with that part this time. I'll still have to find time to listen to them.

Anyway, I am going to START with the Study Bible. I'll drop that if it is too overwhelming.

The Unsell Family said...

My oldest daughter Emmy and I are doing this together. We are excited about it.

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