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MB ~ Favorite Movie-inspired Attraction

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Welcome to those of you joining me from Focused on the Magic and those of you who have just hopped aboard.  I am the Final stop on our Magical Blogorail.
This month, the Magical Blogorail ORANGE members are talking about their favorite Disney attraction inspired by a movie or the inspiration for a movie.
Sometimes it’s so hard to narrow these topics down to just one thing.  There are several movie-inspired attractions that we love.  We adore Beauty & the Beast Live on Stage at Hollywood Studios and the Festival of the Lion King show at Animal Kindgom.  We like the Magic Carpets of Aladin and Peter Pan’s Flight at Magic Kingdom.  But, when it comes right down to picking a favorite, our family would collectively choose
Toy Story Midway Mania!
Florida 2011 853
Florida 2011 855
Florida 2011 854
What is it that we like so much about this ride?  Hmmm . . . I don’t really know.  It’s just FUN!  We love that it’s in 3-D (which is unusual because we’re not huge fans of 3-D in general).  The carnival theme and the larger-than-life toys make the attraction extra special. 
The lines for this attraction are usually LONG!  (The fastpass picture above was taken not long after park opening on a day in late May.)  At least the queue is well-themed and  fun to look at.  We always grab some pictures of things while we’re waiting in line.  Fast Pass helps, but you still have to wait for awhile.
I could seriously ride this thing about 10 times in a row and still laugh every time and not be sick of it!  We have considered  buying the Toy Story Mania Wii game (or other similar games) but are afraid if we’d play them at home it would detract from the actual attraction when we’re visiting the park!
Thank you for joining us this month.  We will be back August 16th with an all new theme, though feel free to keep checking in with our blogs in between loops to keep up to date with our Disney info, photos and stories. If you are looking for more Disney magic, you can find all the blogorail members’ blogs and links to their previous loops at The Magical Blogorail.
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The World of Deej said...

I love the Midway, and can't wait to visit Disneyland this December to try out the version at California Adventure!

Debs @Focused on the Magic said...

Yes! I love TSM! It's too bad the ride isn't a little bigger as the wait times are crazy.

Amanda said...

We love Toy Story Midway Mania as well! It's so much fun - I love the theming and my son loves that it's all about Toy Story :)

Bitten by the Disney Bug

Savannah said...

TSM is one of mine and my family's favorites! I really enjoy the queue area too, just as long as the wait isn't too long.

Cathy said...

We love Toy Story Mania too! So much fun.

Susan at World for Learning said...

Totally agree -- this is a ride that makes us laugh every time we ride it! Still waiting for the "newness" to wear off so it's not so popular and so crowded...but I think we'll be waiting a few more years for that!

Beth Doda ~ disneymom2jhe said...

We love Toy Story Mania! We were lucky enough last trip to ride it three times in a row! I am sure that was a once in a lifetime event, but it was so great for the kids, since we are all huge Toy Story fans. The queue area is so much fun and I love Mr. Potato Head. I highly recommend the Wii game, by the way! Great family fun!

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