Saturday, October 8, 2011

Change of plans . . .

Yesterday, I told you that we’d be traveling this weekend.  The plan was to “get away from it all” for the weekend.  I was even planning to leave my computer behind – no work, no distractions, etc.  However, my dear friend (who was planning to host us) ended up sick – so we had to postpone.

Ashley is spending this week with a friend from New York.  We drove her half-way yesterday, and she’ll be gone ‘til next weekend sometime.  I have to admit that I don’t really like it when she’s away – it just throws off the family dynamic or something.  But, alas --- she IS almost 18 years old.  I know the number of days we have with her here at home are dwindling.  This is a good “ease-in” time for me. I hope she has a great, blessed time with her friends.

On our drive yesterday, we saw some lovely fall colors.  Here where we live there isn’t much color yet – but just a few hours north . . .

fall 2011 006fall 2011 007 
fall 2011 008 fall 2011 009

Gorgeous, huh?  I know – that last picture of the falling down barn isn’t too colorful, but I just found the barn interesting.  I’m sure there’s a story behind it, don’t you think?  Anyway, these pictures were all taken through the van window as we were driving!

We stopped for supper on our way home – the kids picked Red Robin.  I had the Ensenada Chicken Platter (with just one chicken breast) – I’d recommend it (though I did have a very spicy taste in my mouth afterwards – think: fire-breathing!)  As we were leaving Red Robin, we walked past an older man with a full, long white beard.  He was making eye contact with Ian, who decided it might  be safest to hide behind me.  The man chuckled, or rather “ho, ho, ho’d”.  Ian peeked around me, and the man said “That’s right, I’m checking up on you!”  Ian is convinced that we saw Santa Claus.  (We don’t even really “do” Santa.)  LOL 

Last night, we had a “slumber party” in the living room. Of course, this was Gracie’s idea, yet she was the one who bailed and went up to her room in the middle of the night.  She said it was due to Brian’s snoring.  Brian and Lizzie were definitely in a snoring competition! LOL

Today, I think we’ll set out on a road trip with my parents.  Hopefully I’ll have more pictures to share . . .


The Not So Perfect Housewife said...

Oh I just love road trips.

We took a back way to Disney the other day and it was so nice to just see another part of Florida. Worth the extra 5 minutes it took.


Andrea said...

Those pictures are beautiful! I love road trips:-)

@MaryD73 Capturing Magical Memories said...

Jealous of those fall colors. And I too am a sucker for photos of barns. I actually spent a day by myself wandering the area taking photos of barns.

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