Thursday, November 10, 2011

Band-Aid® Brand Limited Edition Mickey Mouse Collector's Series Tin

I love doing reviews on Disney-related things. If you look at My Suggested Disney Resources, you can see my reviews of various Disney books, as well as some multimedia products, jewelry, etc.  But Band-Aids®?  That’s a new one, even for me! 

That’s not to say that I don’t love Band-Aids®, because I do! It’s one product where I’ve always been pretty brand-loyal. My oldest daughter (now almost 18) was never really “into” band-aids®.  She liked the idea behind them, but would never leave them on for more than about 5 minutes.  Then, my 2nd daughter came along – now that child would leave a band-aid on for weeks on end! Let’s face it, cheap imitations don’t stick that long.  My 3rd child, a 5-year-old boy, also has an affection for band-aids® and will put them on those boo-boos that aren’t even visible!

41id0dDDM-L._SL500_AA300_ So, when we heard about the Limited Edition Mickey Mouse Collector’s Series Tin from Band-Aid®, we all got a little excited!  I mean, seriously, how adorable is that tin?!  Because of the Disney theme, we don’t even want to hide this precious tin in the medicine cabinet – we’d rather keep it out on display! 


The back is just as cute as the front is! Right? 

I know it doesn’t surprise my readers to see that we’re pretty fascinated with these Disney bandages.  And as a mother, I love that they come in 2 sizes.  Big band-aids are always way too large for little fingers! 

The packages contains 20 bandages in 2 sizes and a variety of designs:

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Pretty cute, huh?  Stylish, even?  I can so imagine wearing one of these (yes, jsut  for fun!) to the Disney parks.  Ian wanted to try one out and see how it worked:

crafts 034 Under the Band-Aid® is one of those boo-boos that you can’t see.  In his defense, he did bump himself on something, but it wasn’t a Band-Aid® Boo-Boo.

But, since he thought it was, it meant going shirtless for the rest of the day so he could display his lovely, and quite stylish, bandage!

Yep, that’s my boy! 

So tell me, what do you think?  Which design do you like best?  What clever use of the tin can you think of for when the Band-Aids® are gone?  Would you refill it with more bandages, or use it for something else?

NOTE: I received these Band-Aids® as part of a review program for Smiley360. The opinions expressed herein are entirely my own. I was not compensated in any way, and I only share things I think will be of benefit to my readers.


Michelle Smith said...

They're very cute, Heidi. And so is your son. :) I'd buy some, but I think I'm stocked up on Lightning McQueen and Tow-Mater band-aids right now. ;)

MouseFanDiane said...

They are so cute, and I love the tin it's reusable. The Donald Duck is awesome..

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