Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Walkin’ the Crew Blogs 9/7/10

crewblogwalk2 Walkin’ the Crew Blogs – Week #9 is here!  Wow!  And, as usual, I’ve  got some special Crew mates to introduce you to ---

From our Starboard Crew, I’m introducing First Mate Mrs. White from The Legacy of Home.  Mrs. White is serving on the Crew for her second year, agreeing to come back this year as a First Mate.  If you’re interested in homemaking and/or raising up young people to be great homemakers, then you should definitely be reading Mrs. White’s blog.  She also hosts a monthly meme called House Account Monthly that you might be interested in.

Mrs. White calls her mini-team Vessels of Scholars.  Her team consists of:tallshipvessel

From our Port Crew, we are featuring First Mate Chris from Army of 5. Chris is serving on the Crew for the 3rd year and the 2nd year as a First Mate.  Not only does Chris homeschool her 3 kids, but she also works part time as a veterinarian.  I like reading her blog tales about life on their ranch, and I’m sure that you will too!

Chris’s mini-team is made up of:

I hope you’ll enjoy visiting all of these Crew members’ blogs and making some new friends!  Special thanks to Mrs. White and Chris for their service to the Crew – you are  both a pleasure to know!

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Mrs. White said...

Thank you for all your hard work! You are a wonderful Crew leader!!

Mrs. White

Pebblekeeper said...

Thank you Heidi! feel so blessed to have Mrs. White for a mentor and Crew Leader. She is just so encouraging! Thank you too, Heidi, For all you do for us crew members!

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