Monday, January 3, 2011

CSN stores – it’s not all about me!

Several weeks ago, I promised that my next review for CSN stores would be something JUST FOR ME.  If you’re a mom, then you can probably understand that those “just for me” gifts happen pretty rarely.  And, as it turns out, when it came down to selecting my product for review, I folded. 

Right around the time I was to select my product, we had a guest speaker at our church.  He was talking about how the world is constantly changing and, therefore, if you have a globe that’s several years old in your home, it’s most likely obsolete.  Well, the globe we had been using had belonged to my brothers when they were in high school (they both graduated in the 90’s)!  So, it was time.

Huron Antique Table Globe I decided to share with my family, and I ordered this globe ===>

It came quickly, was packaged impressively, and was in perfect condition.  The base is real wood as opposed to plastic (like our old globe). 

We are all really pleased with the globe and have been referencing it quite often – even when we don’t necessarily “need” to. 

As usual, I was impressed with the speed of delivery from CSN stores.  Have something you need?  I’d recommend checking them out – they’ve got almost everything! 

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