Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Walkin’ the Crew Blogs – 11/2/10

crewblogwalk2My – this year is just flying by, isn’t it?   Hard to believe we’re in November already.  This week, we’re back on track with the Walkin’ the Crew Blogs schedule and I’m going to be introducing two very special and unique ladies (and their teams) to you today - - -

summer 006 First up we have First Mate Sheri from 1 of 100 TOS Crew Reviews (among various other blogs!)  Sheri’s a 3rd Year Crew Member, and serving her 2nd year as a First Mate.  Recently, my  boss told me that “the cream will rise to the top” and Sheri is definitely amongst the  cream.  This lady has been a HUGE source of encouragement to me over the years, and she ALWAYS makes me smile (and that’s saying something on some of the days I have!)  I was thrilled, earlier  this year, when Sheri’s family passed through PA and I had the opportunity to meet up with her for a few hours. 

Sheri is affectionately known amongst the Crew as Sheriff Sheri, so she’s calling her team the TOS Review Posse and has this great button for her team, which is made up of: unit 2010 better text I

Heidi & Becky I have another very special lady to introduce this week (this is your lucky week!) – First Mate Becky from There is Hope.  Becky is in her 2nd year with the Crew – her 1st year as a First Mate.  There’s a reason we choose our First Mates (see the “cream” mentioned above!)  Anyway, Becky is special to me for so many different reasons – not the first of which is the fact that there was an instant bond when I read her try-out reviews AND found out that this lady had been praying, for years, that we would one day have the opportunity to meet and be friends.  Her prayers were answered through the Crew AND, thanks to TOS, I also got to meet her while in Florida this past May.  Our God is good!

Becky calls her team Bountifully Blessed (which is appropriate because I’m sure they are blessed by her!)  Her team contains the following:girl

Becky & Sheri – THANKS for all that you do, both for the Crew as a whole, and FOR ME!  I love you bunches!

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8 more weeks to go . . . stay tuned for more great introductions!


Jodi said...

I love both these ladies, and you are so right about them being the "cream"!

Lynn said...

What a great post. I totally agree that Sheri is the best. She has given me so much encouragment since I met her for the 1st time three years ago on the maiden voyage. We became instant friends and we've been so all this time.. :)

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